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We are a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed
and pushed forward to bring players a medieval revolutionary experience.

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Posted by Titan on 08.16.2016

Summer has came to an end and we're planning to move forward with Zamorak in a bigger and better direction. With the re-vamp of the entire site of Zamorak, we'll be bringing in even more new content and updates for the start of this new school year for all our everyday student players. Our goal is to demonstrate a professional gaming atomshphere and we believe a strong bold outlook is needed for that. We hope everyone had a great Summer let's look forward to the future of Zamorak!

Best Regards,
The Zamorak Team

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Welcome to Zamorak

Posted by Titan on 08.14.2016

Zamorak is a server designed to give you, the players, the best experience we can offer. With a team of the most elite and experienced developers and staff, we are capable of making your 317 server dreams come to life. Always keeping it fun, professional, and efficient, the staff team is here to create a server worth playing and an uplifting community for the players to thrive in. Taking every suggestion into consideration, we want to hear from you to improve the game according to your standards. With new content, an elite staff team, and an amazing community, we welcome you to join us over at Zamorak.

Best Regards,
The Zamorak Team

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